New Class, New Age, New Slippers

Well, the optimism for warm weather was certainly turned on its head, as we enjoyed a good seven inches of snowfall in a single night this week, today wasn’t so bad since I could comfortably wear just a jumper outside although right now it’s raining. INTERESTING BLOG. Sorry.

Anyway, as far as my life and teaching and all that goes, I’ve certainly experienced a change at work since the start of the new academic year. Not only is there a new Top Dog in town (as written about in too much dull detail in an un-published and un-publishable draft blog), new books and a new daily schedule, but I’ve also been given my own class. I am now shouldered with the home-room responsibilities previously reseved for the Korean teachers. My class is made of the oldest and best behaved kids, who also have the best English. As such only my business has increased, not my stress levels. Actually it’s quite nice being able to customise my work a little more and decorating a little classroom for myself. Jon has been given his own class too, his is by far the largest in the academy and had a concentration of boys that can be accurately described as ‘little buggers’. Fortunately he seems to have all of their weaknesses sussed, a quick trip to the youngest class or the strictest teacher usually quells the vim and vigor of the most boisterous ones.

Since I haven’t had a section for generally diary-type stuff in the last few weeks, I’ve not mentioned my Birthday, which certainly happened with plenty of meat and a lot of soju. Since we kept it local we spent the evening scaring Koreans in Suyouki. I may have mentioned it before the the Pyeongnae branch is run by a one Mr. Jeong, a man too mad, drunk or both for his own good. Very friendly nevertheless. Usually. Actually he spent most of the evening shaking my chair violently.

Galbi. Too. Much. Galbi. Very nice but I think we ordered too much and it was more expensive than we were expecting.

24 candles on my Birthday brownie thanks to my mum (who sent the candles) and Maz (who made the cake)

The end of the night. Oh god, why did I choose a Thursday night?

Full album here.

Last Friday we also had a night out, this time for sad reasons. Ashley teacher is leaving. I will be saddened but I am echoing Jon by saying that I’m also glad that she’s leaving her amazingly awful job at her terrible hagwon with her insane boss. I hope she spends some good time crafting a scathing review on as many website as she can find. Also that food magazine she got an interview with, I don’t care if it isn’t in their remit. Regardless, I managed to carve out some pretty special moves that night. I embarrassed everyone I know and discovered a new cocktail – vanilla vodka and Yakult.

Korean lesson have been going well, pretty intense stuff generally and I am really starting to appreciate how different it really is to English or any Western languages. From my basically fragile grip on the basics, Korean grammar seems to hinge more on the modification of root words rather than on use of individual article words and other more familiar forms of syntax.

I’m sure I will put together some sort of blog entry about them, should I ever feel I actually understand them enough.

For now though, here is a picture of my warm and comfortable new slippers.

Exciting times.


About Dave
I used to teach English in Korea. I used to write in this blog reasonably regularly for a fair while, take a read why not?

4 Responses to New Class, New Age, New Slippers

  1. sami says:

    happy birthday:)
    wow! what a delicious cake, I wish I could have a piece of this cake!:D

    • Dave says:

      Why thank you Sami. And thank you for the link on your blog. It’s a shame I can’t read it at all, but it looks very pretty.

  2. Laura says:

    Those slippers look as retarded as crocs…but I bet as comfy! Guilty pleasures hey! :P

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