Oh, hello again

It’s been a good while since I actually updated my blog. I was actually in Korea last time I did it, which was at least 5 months ago now. Wow, that time has flown. So if you follow my twitter you might have noticed that a few times I threatened to update this blog, I may well try to fill in some of the gaps of my 14 month story in Korea, as well as finish off those Japan posts.

One of the last posts I made was around the time that my old Uni mate Jon left town to return to England. I think that his leaving probably made me a little less motivated to update as I’d enjoy reading each of our takes on shared experiences at work or in life there.

Not that was the only reason, or my only excuse, my lifestyle changed a fair bit – I started really trying to knuckle down on learning Korean grammar and Chinese characters, I spent a lot of time at my girlfriend’s flat on the other side of Seoul. I think a lot of the shine of my life in Korea had been warn down with so many nice people apart from Jon, leaving the area. Ashley, Ben and Lydia and of course Marisa. At least my old mate from school, Rich “stainless” was still there. I was also experiencing the worst flat-share of my life with Jon’s replacement, who was sufficed to say, a complete tool. I really don’t want to complain publicly about him, especially since the last time I did that (on twitter) he seemed to want to start a fight with me at work. In a kindergarten. I think I also burned myself out a bit with those Japan posts.

That aside I still had some good fun in those last few months. For instance in my last month, I quit working at Kids Club and started going to my own 학원 in 홍대 to learn Korean grammar. That was a great experience that really made those bits of my brain I’d neglected since Uni feel loved again.

I will have to write a post about some of the amazing people I met and interesting/difficult things I learned.

This is, I suppose, an apology for neglect and something of an introduction in to what I hope will be a thoroughly rose-tinted memory of my time in the land of four seasons as I sit in England, once again chained to a desk, working in admin, seriously considering a pension. FML.

here we go